17 February 2014

jbe facebook view

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Display facebook view (as Facebook Like Box Plugin) in a sidebar 

Download   Demo 

It which slides in from the edge or a page. Very easy to configure.

View Facebook Display can be used to customize various backend options, and embeds any Facebook profile on your website. 

The important Facebook product features of this Custom Facebook Display include:

  • Admin settings allow for easy changes to Facebook display header sizes, as well as to customize other 
  • Facebook display features so that your Facebook extension matches your website theme.
  • Backend Controls: Simple, easy to use extension configuration for your Facebook display.
  • Display is a lightweight extension that will not take up unnecessary space, nor otherwise compromise website operations as web visitors view your Facebook page display remotely.
  • Select effect of Slide-in Box and duration
  • Auto-open on page load or on scroll.
  • Position of Facebook tab at: left, right, top, bottom page edge or static
  • Vertical or horizontal toggler Facebook tab in left and right position.
  • Easy Facebook Graph API Key and Facebook Page URL: Access your Facebook Page URL by simply plugging in your Facebook page username into http://www.facebook.com/[Facebook Page namepage]. Click here to learn to access your Facebook Graph API Key.

Link Download   Demo facebook view

If you'll have some questions about configuration or customizationf of the gallery just contact our support ticket or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Installation Extension

Step1 Extension manager

Go to your Joomla Administrator and click on Extensions then click on Extension manager option which will lead you through a dialogue box for browsing the installed Module from your computer.

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Step2 Upload & Install

Click on Browse button and select module in the Extensions/ folder. Finally, click on upload & install. Your extension in installed now.

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Setting Parameter



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