Get Joomla Preinstalled with the SiteGround Wizard

Get Joomla Preinstalled with the SiteGround Wizard

To begin installing Joomla 3 via the SiteGround Wizard, first you need to access your User Area. After you signup for our Joomla hosting package you will receive all the necessary information you need to login.

When you login to your User Area for the first time, you will see a popup asking you whether you want to have Joomla preinstalled on your account. Select that option and click on the Proceed button.

On the next page, there are two parts that you need to complete. First, enter the login information for your new Joomla 3 application.

Next, pick one of the free Joomla templates available in the Wizard and click on the Submit button once again.

Finally, you will see a quick summary of your Joomla installation - where to access your admin area, your username and your password.

That's it! You can now go to the front page of your site and check out the newly installed Joomla application.

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