Tutorial: How To Log Into Joomla?

How to Access Joomla Login Screen

To login to Joomla 3 and access your administrative panel, you need to open your browser and navigate to http://mydomain.com/administrator. On this page, you will find a login screen, where you need to enter the username and password you've chosen during the Joomla 3 installation process.

How to login to Joomla from your SiteGround User Area

If you're a SiteGround customer, you can access your Joomla admin area directly from your SiteGround User Area. To do this, go to the My Accounts section and select the Joomla Installations tab. You will see a list of the Joomla applications in your account. Click on the Go to Admin Panel button next to the installation you want to manage and you will be logged into Joomla immediately.

Login to your Official Joomla Demo admin page

For those of you who have created demo accounts to preview Joomla, we've made it really easy to access your admin area. Simply click on the red Admin button and you will be automatically logged in.

What To Do If I Have Forgotten my User/Pass


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